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Transform your website into a social destination with online community software

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Harness customer passion and knowledge to attract new visitors, crowdsource support and grow revenue

Customer experience is the last frontier for differentiation. Lithium's online community software help customers create better, more valuable digital customer experiences that give them a leg up on their competition.

Deliver real business value with a vibrant online community experience

Lithium online community software leverages the power of the crowd to transform your website into a social destination and build a deeper relationship with your customers—resulting in increased sales, lower service costs and accelerated innovation.

Reduce service costs and achieve greater efficiency

Peer-to-peer support is the most affordable way to satisfy customer inquiries. Drive customers to an online community and self-service knowledge base where they can quickly find answers, deflecting 20% of calls to your contact center.

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Drive revenue and conversion

By creating a hub where customers can get answers to their questions and share their experiences with useful advice and product recommendations, our customers find that the community doubles their conversion rates.

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Increase loyalty and customer retention

Your customers want to engage with you after they've purchased from you. An online community provides a venue where your customers can engage with each other and your brand post-purchase, turning them from fans into brand advocates, increasing brand loyalty and customer lifetime value.

  • Optimize customer acquisition and boost SEO

    Lithium puts the turbo in your SEO, driving organic traffic to your site. SEO best practices are dynamically built into the DNA of our communities, leading to a 48% uplift in organic search traffic.

  • Accelerate innovation

    Crowdsource ideas for your next generation of products. Invite your best experts and advocates to provide feedback on products and propose ideas directly in the community.

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Community superfans spend 10x the amount of average customers.

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Community helped generate a 4.2/5 customer satisfaction rating.

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