Case Study

Covered California Improves Engagement and Response Time with Lithium Social Media Management

In 2014, after the history-making first Open Enrollment under the Affordable Care Act, Covered California was faced with a decision. There were thousands of incoming posts and messages on its social channels from customers seeking assistance, however Covered California needed a way to efficiently and timely respond to all incoming messages.

Through their marketing agency, they chose to invest in their social channels by turning them into functional marketing and customer service platforms. However, Covered California needed new tools that could provide a robust, responsive customer support channel and an efficient social marketing and publishing platform.

“The key words to describe Campbell Ewald’s platforms for managing Covered California’s social media marketing and social customer care are speed and efficiency. We are now faster and more effective, and that’s the reason we switched to Lithium Social Media Management.”

— Arman Belding Senior Digital Strategist, Campbell Ewald (Covered California’s agency of record)

What prompted you to seek a social marketing tool?

Many companies have a content development team and a customer support team. We have one team, and a small one at that. This means that when we work on social marketing content and publishing, that takes away from our resources working on customer support. We wanted to get back to helping our customers, so it quickly became clear that we needed an efficient tool.

What features of Lithium Social Media Management are most beneficial to your team?

We appreciate Lithium Social Media Management’s ability to bulk upload assets, the opportunity to leverage Klout Data to schedule the best time to post, and the content discovery that recommends relevant content for our social audience.

Tell us why you were looking to improve your social publishing tool.

Our team has become leaner over the past few months, so we needed to find ways to be more efficient.

What benefits have you seen with Lithium Social Media Management?

Our team uses these benefits of Lithium Social Media Management:

  • Ability to track past conversations with customers.
  • Tagging options to see the types of comments and issues that are coming in, which allows us to alert management when needed. We’re often called the “canaries” of Covered California.
  • Ability to share conversations amongst our team.
  • Robust analytics.
  • Leveraging Klout Data.
  • Easy user interface and an intuitive platform.

What results and improvements have you seen with Lithium Social Media Management?

As we leverage the features of Lithium Social Media Management, and as our team’s experience grows, we are seeing significant improvements in our response time. Our goal is to respond within two hours during our business hours on English and Spanish channels for both Twitter and Facebook. We improved our two-hour response time from 73% during our second Open Enrollment period to 82% during our third Open Enrollment period. And we’re continuously striving to improve that further even with our small team that is managing a large volume, averaging 3,200 incoming posts per week, during our past two open enrollment periods.

We improved our response-to-post ratio from 1.6 responses per post to 4 responses per post. And within those responses, we were able to give more detailed and thorough answers back to our customers.

We also increased our “closed as resolved” rate by 8% from year-over-year.

This all contributed to seeing a sentiment conversion change: Negative to Positive increased by 250%, Negative to Neutral reduced by 51%, and overall Negative reduced by 50%.

Ultimately, making our customers happy and having positive opinions of the brand by providing high quality customer support is our goal, and we’ve been able to achieve that.