Case Study

Lithium Helps Telstra Transform their Digital Customer Experience

Telstra, Australia's largest telecommunications company has connected more than 16 million mobile users with each other and the rest of the world. Telstra knew that both customers and employees engaged digitally with them every day—seeking to have their questions answered or problems resolved and to share their experiences with Telstra's products. Increasingly, their customers were expecting and deserving the same level of authenticity from interactions in digital environments as they traditionally were offered in the offline world. They recognized the need to create a Total Community customer care experience—and fast.

  • Goal

    Digitize customer care with a Total Community experience—connecting customers to other customers and to Telstra for better problem resolution, insight, crowdsourcing innovation and sharing experiences at every digital touch point.

  • Solution

    Telstra turned to Lithium for multiple products and services to build an entire digital eco-system with an award-winning CrowdSupport®Community, a game-changing customer service experience with Lithium Response (formerly Lithium Social Web), and later, Klout integration to offer the next wave of gamification and customer value exchange for their community members.

“Telstra has leveraged Lithium Products & Services to build an entire digital eco-system that transcends incumbent boundaries of segment, device, employee and customer.”

Why did you choose to digitize your customer care?

We want to provide great standards of customer service for our customers in digital channels as well as in retail and telephone support teams. That means being real, being authentic and delivering help when our customers need it. If our customers choose to contact us via Twitter or Facebook, we need to help and support them and resolve their issue. It's a great opportunity to build advocacy and loyalty with our customers.

What is CrowdSupport®?

CrowdSupport® is Telstra's online community powered by Lithium. It's all about connecting our customers in a platform where they can converse and talk about our products and services, not necessarily with Telstra playing an active role. What's brilliant about our customer community is the richness and authenticity of the feedback and interactions that are provided by our customers. We learn so much about how we can make our products better in the community through the quality feedback our customers provide. We learn how we can improve products, but we also learn about features customers love about products that we didn't necessarily know they did love. It's a fantastic way of connecting with our customers.

How does Lithium Response help you manage the plethora of social inquiries?

One of the challenges big organizations face is how they manage their interactions in digital customer care channels, whether that's Facebook, an online community, Twitter or Instagram. We know our customers are having conversations about our products and services. We want to deliver as great a standard of service in those communities as we do in a contact center or when someone visits one of our stores.

Lithium Response has enabled us to deliver fantastic service experiences in those digital customer care channels. One other thing that's important about Lithium Response is the governance and audit trail that it provides. As a large organization, we want to make sure we're providing a great standard of service, but we don't want hundreds of support people knowing our Twitter password, so we get a management capability for our social media platforms and delivering and empowering our people to provide great customer service at the same time.

Why are authentic conversations with customers so important?

Today at Telstra, our digital customer care team is empowered to have conversations with our customers the same way they would with their friends and family—whether that's using their messaging platform, Facebook Messenger, etc.—we want those conversations to be real and authentic. And of course, our customers expect to interact with a real person, not a robot. So having a real conversation in digital channels breaks down the impersonal computer interaction and makes it a really human, one-to-one discussion.

In addition to Lithium Response, what comprises your Total Community strategy?

We have deployed a single search platform to enable store team members to directly connect digitally with their customers which creates an omnichannel presence. We are building the largest Australian Wi-Fi network, with more than 1,100 hotspots to date—our CrowdSupport® community can locate the nearest hotspot and provide feedback at individual access points. We've taken CrowdSupport® Live, which means community members are now able to sign up to conduct live chat information sessions about mobiles, directly with other customers.

We've integrated Klout into our CrowdSupport® community which provides the next wave of gamification and customer value for community members.

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